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My love of placentas

Placentas, most people give birth not understanding how totally amazing and cool their placenta is. This tree of life, in which your body grew for this one and only purpose. That in itself is just amazing. I am constantly in awe of how different we grow our placentas from mama to mama, and even from baby to baby. As a home birth midwife I don't have the numbers some Obstetricians see in a week, heck even in a night, but I see enough to cherish these interesting organs during an exam postpartum and have captured some really cool placenta pictures. This is my blog, of placentas. In doing research of the variabilities of normal, I come across disgusting pictures of placentas in formaldehyde, tinged gross colors, etc. I wanted to share photos, with parental and baby consent, of the beauty that is your postpartum placenta in its natural beauty! Midwives, feel free to share and comment on similar experiences of these variables. Thank you and happy placenta viewing!

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