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I started my journey to midwifery at NMSU doing my pre-requisites to the Nursing program with a goal to become a Labor and Delivery nurse. I met a local home birth midwife who showed me how amazing home birth can be. I fell in love with home birth and the strong women who birth these babies, as well as the midwives that attend the births trustingly. I knew this was my calling, and I wanted to provide options for the women in my community, so I switched changed my path and started my training. My midwifery training consisted of three years of online training through Living Tree International College of Midwifery led by Kamy Shaw concurrently with an apprenticeship model of hands on training with several Midwives in Las Cruces. My primary preceptor was Angie Hagan of Open Circle Homebirth until I received my NARM certification, followed by my New Mexico state midwifery license in 2011. I am CPR certified, trained and certified in Neonatal Resuscitation, and continue to train in all modalities related to birth. I am also a mom and had both of my sons at home in 2013 and 2016, experiencing the process I devote my life to learning in depth.

About Me
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