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Water Birth
Home Birth

Home birth is an option for healthy low risk mamas wanting to enjoy the birth of their baby in the comfort of their home or optional setting. This includes prenatal care, on call time for the birth, immediate care of mama and baby at home, and 6 weeks of postpartum care.



Water birth is extactly how it sounds, warm and comforting. Water has been shown to reduce the need of additional pain medications. Sometimes it is just used for the management of pain during labor, but can also be an option for the birth of your baby.

Placentas are amazing! A lot of people never think twice about them as they are taken immediately after birth. This amazing organ nurtures the baby from the inside, and are nicknamed "Tree of Life" because they look like the roots of a tree. I offer the option of prints of your amazing organ postpartum and have resources for encapsulation. You can also learn to do them in my placenta class.


There are many aspects of pregnancy and childbirth that can feel intimidating. I offer 4-6 week prenatal courses that are aimed at the couple to give insight and knowledge to work together to make this experience a pleasant one! Additionally, there are also informative classes available including Placentas, Cloth Diapering 101, and Baby Wearing 101!

Placenta Prints & Encapsulation

I love belly casting! Such a simple process that can leave behind a beautiful memento from your pregnancy. There are so many options for decorating, designs, and uses. These can either be done in office or in home and range from basic (yet still one of a kind) to decorated and personalized!


Belly Casts

There is more to prenatal care and birth than appointments and breathing techniques. I provide additional services or education to my clients to enrich their pregnancies with knowledge and mementos that create an experience of a lifetime. We as women should have these options open to us and our families, to experience the full wonder that is pregnancy and birth. I offer routine one on one prenatal, home birth, and postpartum care, but there are additional modalities to look into for your pregnancy and birth either with myself or other recommended birth workers.

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