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Home Birth and Water Birth Services
Prenatal Care

My care includes one on one prenatal visits that usually run at least an hour. During the appointment there is ample time to ask questions, discuss recommendations for discomforts, wishes for the birth, and to check on the wellness of mother and baby. There are around 14 prenatal appointments, either in my home office or occasionally in your home. They are spaced every 3-4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks from 28-37 weeks, and every week from 37 weeks until the baby is born. During the pregnancy, there are many options open to each individual client as far as "routine" labs. I provide detailed informed consents and request that both partners are well educated about the risks and benefits to each test. I do not conduct ultrasounds in my office, but refer out to NM Sonographics for routine and high level ultrasounds. During you care, I recommend taking a child birth education class, either with myself or another instructor, as this can help guide a family on the journey through their pregnancy, labor, and birth. In addition to classes, I offer the use of my library of books and videos throughout care. 

Birth and Postpartum

​I am on call for my clients starting at 37 weeks, which is the acceptable gestational age for birthing at home. Communication in early labor is important for deciding the perfect time for me to arrive, as too early may cause disruption of labor, and too late can cause some anxiety. You have the option of a birthing pool, which can be set up in most living spaces, and I supply the main components necessary. There are a few items that you need to get on your own and may be purchased along with the birth kit. My custom birth kit is set up through and contains all of the disposable items needed for a home birth. Postparum care consists of 6 appointments; 1 day, 3 day, 5 day, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks. The first 3 are in your home, so you have can continue bonding with your baby as a family. These appointments are not set in stone, you may need more, you may not need so many. At these appointments I am also checking on baby as well, even though a Pediatrician appointment is recommended within the first week. I offer options postpartum for baby as well, which you have informed consent on.

There are many questions regarding labor and birth at home, and I recommend checking out my FAQ page for the most common q's and a's.

Fees and Payments


The fee for my Global services (including prenatal care, birth, and 6 weeks postpartum care) is $3800.00 in Las Cruces city limits, and $4200.00 for anything outside Las Cruces city limits, with additional fees if driving time exceeds my normal schedule of visits. If paying out of pocket, I offer a discounted rate depending on financial necessity and distance. There is an initial deposit of $500.00 which saves your spot on my client list. I am a Medicaid provider through the Birthing Options Program, and do not take any payment from Medicaid clients. Please visit NM Medicaid website for additional information. For detailed info, read my financial contract ahead of time!


I have been billing for my clients since I was an apprentice, however I am by no means a "professional biller". I am not in network with any insurance companies, however, I am usually able to get some form of reimbursement back for clients as long as they have maternity coverage, but it is not a guarantee. For Insurance clients, I require payment upfront by 36 weeks, and will reimburse what Insurance is willing to pay after their birth. You have the option of contacting your insurance directly to get your eligibility and benefits prior to our initial interview to see what your deductible is, if you have out of network coverage or if its a PPO plan, and if home birth is a covered service under your maternity care. This insures if we hit it off and you want to start care, we already have insurance info started. For specific questions to ask your insurance review the Insurance Determination form to the left.

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