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Belly Casting

Belly casting is a beautiful and simple way to create a lasting memory of your growing belly and baby. It takes anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the style and can have several uses after drying. Some people like to use it as a photo prop postpartum and lay their newborn in it. Most people decorate it specifically for wall art. There are even uses as a table bowl or a wall sconce for lighting! You can either get it basic and rough, basic and smoothed out, you can have an artist paint it specifically for you, or do it yourself. To have a belly cast done by me, I charge $50-75.00 for a basic belly/belly & breasts. $80-100.00 for belly, breasts, and arms. To have it finished (smoothed out and layered with Gusso to make it last) is an additional $25.00. I know a few artists that charge around $100 for a painting such as the ones above, and you can set that up with them ahead of time if interested, or you can decorate yourself! I have mine from my pregnancy, and friends and family like to "try" it on. It can be a fun way honor your amazing body and what it has done.


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