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Placenta Prints

​​Placenta prints are a favorite of mine. I love that there is this unique way of capturing the beauty that is our placenta without having to keep it around. Lets face it, that may start to smell. Some people love the idea of planting the placenta under a tree or plant, as it has nourished your baby, it can also be wonderful compost for you plants!


The placenta print can either be done in color with acrylic paints or natural food dyes (if ingesting postpartum in capsule form or smoothie, go with the food grade dye), or natural with small amounts of blood from the placenta itself. I offer this for free for my clients, after examining the placenta postpartum. I request that my clients have a large thick matte paper (Usually the 12x12 scrapbook paper is what I recommend), one medium paintbrush, and whatever color paints you would like (usually the smaller acrylic sets like those sold at craft stores work best).

Making placenta prints is not hard, just a little messy. If you are not a client, it is easy enough for a family member to do for you postpartum. There are so many possibilities, but ultimately the memory is lasting. Some people like to color them like trees, some like multicolored, some like the natural blood look with drawings incorporated. Look them up!

Placenta Print Process
Placenta Encapsulation

There haven't been many evidence based studies showing the safety and benefits of using placenta encapsulated, however, the reports from women who do ingest their placentas suggest many benefits. The benefits women have experienced are decreased severity of postpartum depression, increase in milk supply, decrease in hair loss, decreased fatigue (believed to be due to the higher Iron levels), decreased postpartum cramps, and quicker postpartum healing. There are several placenta encapsulation specialists in the area that will pick up your placenta postpartum and deliver processed placenta capsules within a few days. 

Placenta Encapsulation Specialists

  • Tricia Salazar

        (575) 479-7051

        LC Maternity

  • Rachel Curtis

          (915) 201-0787

          The Desert Doula

  • Mina Smith

         (575) 649-3854

  • Amissa Metcalf

          (915) 229-6099

        Sun City Doulas

  • Jaime Walker

        (915) 247-8495

        Kealoha Birth Services

  • Lee Aguilera-Carrasco 

        (575) 404-1717

        Gentle Beginnings Birth 

  • Amy McCoy

        (915) 308-MIlk

        Blissful Birth and Beyond

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