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Childbirth Classes


I offer child birth courses that are once a week for 4-6 weeks. These classes will be focusing on the couple working together to gain knowledge and confidence in pregnancy, child birth, and the postpartum period so that they may enjoy this journey and welcome it with empowerment. Classes will be offered for home or hospital birth families. I prefer to do group classes, and will offer a discount if 4 couples want to enroll together. Otherwise I will do one on one classes around a specific schedule for an additional fee. These can either take place at my office, or if one of the couples wants to host in home.


Classes will include:

  • Diet, exercise, and self care during pregnancy.

  • Prenatal testing, ultrasounds, and standards of care in maternity.

  • Birth wish list and birth art.

  • Stages of labor, positions, and options in labor.

  • Birth, postpartum care mom and baby, and breastfeeding.

  • Watch and discuss pregnancy and birth videos.

  • Additional classes added as needed.

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